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ceramic sculpture Welcome to WendyHolcomb.net! 

The clay sculptures you will see on my site could be considered as  fine art sculpture, contemporary sculpture or wood-fired ceramics

All of my pieces are wood-fired, in an anagama, which translates to "cave kiln" or "hole kiln" in Japanese. Unlike electric or gas-fueled kilns used by contempory potters, the anagama is fueled by wood, and lots of it... We use about 2 - 3 cords per firing! 

The colors you will see on my work are not created from a conventional glaze, but rather from the fire itself.  The burning wood not only produces heat (2500 F), it also produces fly ash and volitile salts.  The wood ash settles on our pieces during the 5 day firing, and the interaction between the flame, ash, and minerals comprising the clay body form a unique "natural ash glaze". We literally paint our pieces with the flame!

The wood-fired ceramics I create are great in and outdoors .  Many of my pieces double as yard statues.   If you are looking for garden art to beautify your garden, consider using my pieces as yard statues to adorn any outdoor space. 

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Clay Sculptures - Fine Art Sculpture - Wood-Fired Ceramics - Yard Statues